Bespoke jackets

Bespoke jackets for every occasion, budget and purpose.

Bespoke 'GFEI' Jackets

As clothing manufacturers we’re able to produce bespoke jackets to your exact specification or make suggestions to your own basic ideas to create the perfect jacket. Weather you are are looking for completely custom promotional leisurewear jackets or a bespoke workwear jacket we can create the garments you want. We work with many fabrics to create jackets of all styles from simple fleece jackets to complex outerwear manufactured from brand name performance fabrics.

Bespoke jacket Suzuki Ducati bespoke jacket
Bespoke jackets manufactured by KK Wear

Why bespoke?

There are many advantages to having bespoke jackets manufactured over ready-made “off the shelf” garments.

If you are looking for jackets that are truly unique, with styling and colours matching up with your own corporate colours and image then bespoke clothing manufactre is where to look. While the off the shelf jackets of today offer exceptional value and quality they cannot offer the same level of personalisation as bespoke jackets.

Perhaps you have been unable to find a supply of ready made jackets offering the features, styling or colours you want. By opting to get in touch with us about bespoke jackets you can get exactly what you would like from your outerwear.

  • incorporate your corporate colours
  • create stylings of your own; contrast panels, swoosh split contrasts
  • feature you would like can be added; detachable arms for example
  • improvements made; harder wearing, warmer, more breatable
  • extra level of personalisation and penash; lining printed with your logo, woven neck labels
  • jackets made just for you; no zips added for embroidery access – we can add embroidery before the garment is made

With the bespoke clothing route the possibilities are endless. You can create a jacket that is just right, a style you have used before can improved upon, made warmer or harder wearing and the jacket can be produced in your own styling.

Why KK Wear?

We have been manufacturing jackets for over 25 years, for ourselves and for our customers in promotional clothing and merchandise, corporatewear and retail sectors. When dealing with KK Wear you are dealing with a company who understand what you need in a bespoke jacket and why. We are able to work to a budget and make sensible suggestions to keep your garment in line with this. Our approach is always honest and relaistic so that you are able to decide what your viable options are from the outset.


You can take your idea further by getting in touch with us and showing it to us. You can send us your design, specification, example jacket or any other information you have via email and we will be in touch. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and budget.