Bespoke table cloths

UCL Tablecloth

University College London printed table cloth

Leukaemia Research print

Close up on print to front of Leukaemia Research table cloth

We are able to produce table cloths, made to order in your custom dimensions, colours and spec branded with embroidered or printed logo. Promotional tablecloths are fantastic for exhibitions etc.


The most popular fabric we use for promotional table cloths is a polyester microfibre, the same as we use for our tracksuits. If the order quantity is suffecient we can source fabrics to your requirements. All of our fabrics come to us in rolls with a width just over 5ft. Therefore cloth sizes larger than 5ft wide require a discreet join in the centre. The largest cloth we can produce without a join would have a finished width of 5ft.

Logo branding

Embroidery or screen printing is available for the cloths. Either opiton would requrie the artwork to be set-up as either an embroidery disk or screens would need to be created. As a general guide, embroidery set-up would be between £30 – £50 depending on size and complexity of the design. For printing set-up would be £30 per screen, with one screen require per colour.

Layton Blackham tablecloth

arge embrodiery on to a custom tablecloth for Layton Blackham Business Solution

Leukaemia Research table cloth

Bespoke table cloth made to customer order for Leukaemia Research


To give an accurate quote for embroidery we would need to see the artwork and to know the size for embroidery. The minimum charge for embroidery is £25 so for a one off cloth or up to 5 or 6 cloths, you could expect to pay £25 for the embroidery. The largest possible size we can embroider is approx 40cm wide x 20cm heigh.


Printing cost would agian depend on the artowrk and size but there would also be a minimum charge of £25.

Larger orders

As table cloths are most often required as one off items we have given basic pricing as a guide based on quantities from 1 up to 10. If you would like to enquire about having a larger quantity of table cloths please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will work you out a quote to your requirements.