Garment Re-labeling

Update: for more info on our relabelling services please see our new complimentary mini site


As clothing manufacturers specialising serving the promotional market we are also able to offer garment finishing services such as re-labeling.

While the most common re-labelling enquiry we receive is about changing neck labels we can also insert side tabs or tax tabs.

Our re-labeling services are not limited to garments such as t-shirts and we can also relabel bags etc. If you have any re-labeling requirements for a different item we would be pleased to look into your enquiry.

Neck labels can be changed on ready made garments either by cutting the label out or un-picking the label before sewing in the new label.

original woven neck label Original neck label in t-shirt
label cut from neck with sewn over replacement Label cut out and sewn over
neck label unpicked with replacement inserted in place Label unpicked, inserted in place and sewn in.
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Cutting the labels out is the cheapest option but does not give as good finish as when the original label has been unpicked. Unpicking the original label before sewing in the new one is a lot more labour intensive and therefore more expensive however does the best finish.

The label removal can be done as per customer requirement and sewing in of the new label either with a lock stitch or bar tack dependent on customer requirement.

Labels come in different types with some being single cut, some folded over (loop fold) with both side stitched at the neck. There are “end fold labels” which are sewn twice, once at each end.

We have no minimum quantity requirement. We do not have a set price list for re-labeling as costs depend on quantity involved, method and difficulty of removing label as well as inserting the new label. If the items to be re-labelled have to be packed and unpacked then this would also be factored in to a quote. We would need to know what type of label would be sewn in, ie is it a loop fold label to be sewn in at the neck or a wider banner type which would be sewn at each end? Would the items to be relabelled all have the same label sewn in or would there be a different label for each size?

If you would like a quote for any re labelling please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or phone. Please give us as much detail as possible and we will try to get back to you ASAP.